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Hello and welcome

On my search for ways and systems with the potential to eventually reorganise humanity, to become a sustainable and thriving society, I found Holochain and was immediately caught.

Holochain is a framework and data integrity engine to build truly distributed peer to peer apps, that are self hosted by the users. Think of Facebook, Uber or Airbnb which are run solely by the users without the need for expensive server farms or the limits of Blockchain architecture.

Most promising and evolutionary is the ability for single Holochain apps to interoperate easily with each other. This potentially creates a limitless and evolving ecosystem.

To build a project on Blockchain you first need to understand the technological environment. Like when you want to build a power station on a river, you need to know a good spot where the conditions are right. And then you can bring in an engineer to work out the details and eventually build it.
When you know the river, that is not that difficult. But if you move to a new continent, you first need understand the environment, or get a guide that understands your vision as well as the environment, and can guide you to the right spots.
Holochain is really a new and for many, unknown environment, and I can be your guide.

To explore your options and to see if Holochain is your solution I first need to understand your project, what problems you are solving, what values you are creating and what mechanisms you are thinking of.

You can simply send me a project overview (a NDA is included from my side) and I will give you my personal recommendation and view for free.