Systems Thinker, Visionary, Holochain Community Organiser and Content Creator, Supporter and Organiser of Collaborative Sustainability Projects, Board Member of the Housing Cooperative NeNa 1 in Zürich, Co-Worker and collaborator at the shared space L200 in Zürich

I’m Raphi from Zürich, Switzerland. I got involved early on in several community and sustainability projects because of my deep interest in collaborative and sustainable systems. A common occurrence in the projects I got involved with, was the constant struggle with a lack of quality project management and efficient organisation and workflows.

As a passionate photographer and designer I recently started to move more into video productions. There I can combine photography with the telling of invigorating and inspiring stories. My main focus is on humanity's future environments - the interconnected systems of the future.

While I still work part time at the University of Zürich in an office job I’m becoming a hApp (Holochain App) developer. My goal is to build the project and workflow management tools we need for more efficient and more successful projects.

my journey to Holochain

During my basic business and economy education there was something that didn’t seem right about the socioeconomic system, but I couldn’t quite grasp it: Something that results in the harm inflicted on so many people and that leads to a misalignment between the economy and the ecosystem.

Later the idea of a Resource Based Economy found me, and it helped me to see through the shadows. I started to understand the misalignment through many of the central mechanisms in society and the economy.

A long journey followed, through movements, ideas, discussions: On the constant lookout for ways to move into a new paradigm, where humanity re-aligns itself with the ecosystem it so much depends on. I had found many ideas and visions of new systems, but what was missing are the actions that could lead society as a whole from the old system to the new.

With Holochain I found this missing bridge between the old paradigm and the new one.

Holochain is not just a technology for me. It is a growing, evolving ecosystem and it is exactly what so many people and projects have been waiting for. Me included.

It might even grow into the communication ecosystem that the world desperately needs right now.